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What Problems Can Be Solved With Technical Consultations?

What problems do you think about when shopping online? Has your order ever been stuck in customs, you received the wrong size (or the wrong order altogether), or you've just been deceived by what has been shown online vs what...

Growing Sustainably: Innovative Approach to Carbon Neutrality

We‘re not just about crafting exceptional metal products – we're also committed to crafting a better future for our planet. The metal industry is a significant contributor to CO2 emissions due to energy-intensive, exacerbating climate change. To mitigate the environmental...

Laser Cutting for metal fabrication: too good to be true?

Sheet metal and lasers go hand in hand. While it sounds futuristic, the process is relatively simple – by taking electronic data from a CAD drawing or 3D modelling software, laser cutting machines then create flat form parts by burning...

Why Sheet Metal Fabrication?

One of the most adaptable and widely used materials in construction is sheet metal, with additional applications in almost every industry imaginable – from mining and farming, to catering and hospitality, with it even finding its place in aviation and...

Metal Sheet Manufacturing: Brass or Copper?

Copper and brass are both a favorite for metal processing, and it has been that way for a reason – many metal machining shops offer these materials for an added aesthetic flare or as an integral architectural detail. Brass was...

From Sketch to Product

Are you thinking of creating a custom-made bicycle component or prototype? ColibrisODM can take care of your individual needs. Since bike and bike parts’  shortages continue to afflict the cycling industry, on-demand manufacturing is a perfect solution allowing customers and...

Blechexpo Messe 2021

From October 26-29 the international trade fair for sheet metal forming has been taking place in Stuttgart again after a two-year break. Within the shortest timeframe, Blech Expo Messe has been able to gain a leading position in Europe and now ranks...

CNC Machinery

Since the technological advances gained momentum towards the automation of manufacturing processes (especially towards the design of machines capable of being programmed to carry out all manual tasks of an operator automatically, (daugiau…)

ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 certifications

Most of our suppliers follow the strict ISO 9001 standard for quality management and comply with ISO 14001 environmental practices. ISO 9001 is one of the most recognized management standards in the on-demand metal manufacturing industry and a significant certification for any...

Manual welding

Manual welding is the most common form of welding. It is used to bond two different metal parts using a clean process. The main part of the welding process is done by using an electrical current that can be either...

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is one of Colibrisodm sheet cutting processes that involves a high-power laser beam to cut, melt, or burn a material sheet. For the industrial applications, it directs a high-powered laser through optics to cut and etch sheet material...

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