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Combining efficiency and convenience in on-demand manufacturing of metal
components. The fastest way to get the custom metal parts you need online.

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A wide range of metal production services for your custom parts

Parts you’ve designed will be made at one of our approved factories in best-cost countries where an extensive range of production processes enables highly effective manufacturing. That lets you control the price while we ensure the quality and delivery.

How it works

Our intelligent automated system connects your needs with trusted local manufacturers.

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Just drag and drop the DXW or STEP file.

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Based on the part’s geometry, the system will select the best production process. You can then adjust the process and parameters as you wish. You control the price by specifying the material, coating, batch size, delivery time, etc.

Choose a delivery method and pay online. The delivery price is calculated automatically. Use your credit card for payment.


Production gets underway

We select the factory with the equipment that’s best to make your parts. The factory receives the drawings and starts production. While your parts are being produced, you can easily track the order’s status online.



After production, the factory presents the parts for inspection then packing and shipping to your destination.

You get your parts at your doorstep in as fast as 2 days.

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Haven’t designed it yet?

No worries! Try out our Picture2Drawing service. Show us what you have (a sketch, a PDF, etc.) and our specialists will help you out.

Immediate quote

Get an offer for your custom parts in as fast as 2 minutes. Confirm production in a few clicks.

Cost efficiency

Our partner factories are located in best-cost countries. That way you get the most competitive prices in the market.

Quality assurance

We use only thoroughly validated factories for production. Additionally, all deliveries are cross-checked by our own engineers at our facilities.

Ideal for even small orders

Thanks to our scalable, flexible approach, we can support even single-unit production needs.


All data is stored in secure servers. Suppliers are contractually obliged to rigorously protect your technical data.

Fast production and delivery

A production base that’s close by and flexible lets us develop parts in as little as 2 days. Our express delivery partners can ship goods all across Europe in 2 days or less.


We work to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage our partners to do so as well.

Picture2Drawing service

We’ll assist you even if all you have is an idea. Book a consultation or share your idea and we will make you a drawing.

About us

We are Colibris. We’re small, fast and well-balanced.

A flexible business model and capability to adapt to market demands help us meet the needs of our customers – small and medium-sized businesses.
We believe that the best opportunities arise when companies employ innovation and technology to disrupt traditional industries.
Our vision is simple. To make ordering of custom metal parts as easy as it is to order a pizza online.

Our goal is to maintain the balance between our customers and our production partners. We aim for a win-win business: where customers get quality parts for a reasonable price in a couple of days and factories earn enough to maintain high quality and keep their employees happy.

Manufactured in EU

All our partners are from Europe. We closely control the process.

ISO 14001 & 9001

Most of our suppliers follow the strict ISO 9001 standard for quality management and comply with ISO 14001 environmental practices.

Quality minded

We check the quality of all products before they are packed.

Confidentiality and ethical policies

We protect customers’ data as if it was our own. All information that’s provided is kept on secure servers.

For partners

Don’t have a drawing yet?

No worries! Try our Picture2Drawing service. Show us what you have (a sketch, a PDF, etc.) and our specialists will help you out.

    Choose scope:

    Choose between assembly (multiple parts) or a single part drawing. Select custom if it’s something special.

    Drawing accuracy:

    Number of single parts in assembly:

    Choose how many different single components (including screws etc.) should there be in the assembly drawing.


    All files and data transferred are securely encrypted.

    All files and data transferred are securely encrypted.



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