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Manufacturing On-demand

We’re a truly dedicated team of experts having 30+ years combined experience in metal processing industry.
ColibrisODM is a fast-growing manufacturing platform for automatic quoting and ordering of custom-made & serial metal parts in quantities required.
We provide our customers a one stop-shop for on-demand manufacturing services such as cutting, forming, welding, machining, coating, and assemby.
Our goal is to maintain the balance between our customers and our production partners.
We aim for a win-win business: where customers get quality parts for a reasonable price in a couple of days and factories earn enough to maintain high quality and keep their employees happy.

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Offsetting Carbon Footprint One Part at a Time

At ColibrisODM, we’re proud of our mission to create a sustainable on-demand manufacturing business with a focus on low environmental impact. Thus, we have reached our target by reducing absolute emissions from different sources and becoming carbon neutral across our industry. As of today, we have offset 100% of our carbon footprint. At the time of ordering, ColibrisODM customers have a unique option to make their order carbon neutral and offset the emissions produced through manufacturing and shipping. It’s as easy as checking a box! Read our 2022 Carbon Footprint Report

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How it works?

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Just drag and drop a DXF or STEP file. Don’t know how to design it or don’t have a drawing yet? Let us help you.

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The system will select best production process based on the part’s geometry. You control the price by adjusting each part’s parameters.

Order your parts

Once you place your order and pay for it, our team confirms it, and the production starts. Your parts will be produced in one of our approved factories in Eastern European countries.

Get your parts delivered

After the production is completed, you will get your parts in as fast as 5 days to your shipping address.

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New and latest insights


Why us?

Suitable even for small orders

Having scalable and flexible production base, we are able to support even single unit production needs.

Immediate quote

Get an offer for your custom parts in as fast as 2 minutes. Confirm production in a few clicks.


We aim to create sustainable business with focus on low environmental impact. Thus we implemented ISO 14001 & 9001, manufactured in EU and carbon footprint reduction principles in business relationships and operations.


All your technical data is stored in secured servers. Suppliers are contractually obliged to keep your technical data in strict protection.

Labas, we work with whole world!

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