Why Sheet Metal Fabrication?

One of the most adaptable and widely used materials in construction is sheet metal, with additional applications in almost every industry imaginable – from mining and farming, to catering and hospitality, with it even finding its place in aviation and medical industries.

But it’s not only used in industrial contexts, as it is found in so many domestic applications. If you lift your head from your laptop or phone, you can see it all around you – your kitchen bench top might be adorned with a metal surround, your home appliances have parts from metal sheets, and even that unique punched metal screen in your living room was used as an eye-catching interior design feature.

Sheet metal provides a bundle of advantages whether you’re just a man on the street, or an engineer or contractor. Doesn’t matter whether you prefer stainless steel metal sheets or aluminum, the advantages stay the same.

Easy to transport and easy to work with – sheet metal has a surprisingly low weight to thickness ratio.
Strong and durable – sheet metal is the ideal high-strength material in a variety of applications from harsh agricultural environments (that spare part in your grass mower? Exactly that) to extreme temperatures (even industrial washing machines and ovens).
Malleable – sheet metal can be formed, cut, bent or stretched into just about any shape imaginable, allowing sheet metal fabricators to offer highly customized solutions to any preferences possible.
Easy repair – metal sheets can be fixed surprisingly easy, which is why it is a practical choice in many different applications.
Low cost – sheet metal’s cost is an advantage in both large quantities for mass production and in single piece orders.

In the metal processing industry, various technological advancements in the machinery used for cutting and forming sheet metal have led to a greater adaptability of this material in different applications. For example, Computer Numerical Control or CNC machining has introduced consumers to a far greater precision than was ever possible through manual machining. These days, sheet metal fabricators can produce complex shapes accurately, quickly and cost-effectively.

At ColibrisODM, we try to offer our clients what’s best – we check the quality of every order ourselves and ensure that your sheet metal projects are exactly what you have in mind. With rapid prototyping, you can take a look yourself – before placing a bigger order, try out our instant quotation tool and check the future quality of your sheet metal project yourself, with production starting in just 3 days after you order.