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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you a sales agency?

No – we are a supply chain management company. At ColibrisODM, we represent small metal factories with idle capacity and connect them with those who have metal processing needs. In turn, we save time for our customers by providing all solutions in one place. We control the quality and delivery precision.

2. What is your lead time?

You control the lead time. You can select any lead time starting from 3 working days. The more time you have, the lower price you get.

3. Who ensures the quality?

Quality is always checked during production. Our team at ColibrisODM also personally visits our production partners to check the quality of all orders – we also provide our customers with a possibility to visit the factories and take a look at the production.

4. What production processes are available?

Currently you can automatically calculate and order parts that require laser cutting, bending, drilling and surface treatment. You can get the price in a few seconds by uploading the drawing.

We are also constantly updating our system and new processes are introduced. Our team can also help you with other metal processing needs like:

• Mechanical processing (CNC milling and turning, boring, threading, grinding);

• Welding (Robot and manual, laser, MIG/MAG/TIG, spot welding);

• Tubes processing (Cutting, bending)

• Surface treatment (Shot blasting, tumbling, powder coating, wet painting, hot-dip galvanizing);

• Assembling;

• Consulting and drawing designing.

5. Do you produce prototypes?

Yes – at ColibrisODM, we can cover quantities from single piece to serial production.

6. Do you manufacture custom made parts?

Of course – all you need to do is upload your STEP or DXF files to our instant quotation tool. If you don’t have a drawing - contact us for a technical consultation, so our team can help you design your product and make final drawings.

7. Can I order serial production (large/medium quantities)?

We got you covered for the quantities ranging from 1 piece to thousands. For serial repeating products you can also contact us via email or contact form.

8. Can I order small quantities?

There‘s no quantity too small for us. At ColibrisODM, your order quantities can range from single piece production to thousands – we pride ourselves on being able to offer high mix low volume production for our clients.

9. Do you have all the necessary certificates?

Most of our partners at ColibrisODM are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

10. Can I also become a manufacturing partner with my company?

Of course – we are always striving to expand our network even further. For becoming our partner, check out our Suppliers page.

11. Do you have any additional fees or subscriptions?

Our instant quotation tool is free to use to get online quotes. The price you see is what you pay and there are no recurring charges for using ColibrisODM‘s services!

12. What if I’m not satisfied with the generated instant quote?

If you’re not satisfied with the price, you can always reach out to our team to discuss to the quotes generated by our tool. We want to make sure that our clients are satisfied with our pricing.

13. Do you have an NDA / Non Disclosure Agreement?

Your projects are safe with ColibrisODM. We use end-to-end encryption on all of your projects – this means that no one can see them or have access to them. But in any case, our clients are encouraged to use NDAs to protect their intellectual property rights and maintain the confidentiality of their business processes. If you need an NDA before submitting a quote, please contact us.

14. Can I get pricing and submit orders 24/7?

Our online platform provides you with the information you need, making sure that you could submit a quote at any time of the day. You are able to order whenever you want.

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    All files and data transferred are securely encrypted.



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